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Freelance Writing Guide

Freelance Writing Jobs: What You Should Know


There are many people looking for part time jobs for several reasons like they have low salary but they have enough time to spare, they are too busy during the day but their pay is lower than their counter parts and they need extra income, others need money for their bills and for additional expenses like baby diapers and formula milk.


There are people who need extra income for reasons that only they know but more than ever, the jobs they are looking for are those that they can do in their free time such as during lunch breaks, in the evening after work and maybe during their lull time in the office. The internet has been the venue for most part time job offerings and these jobs may range from blogs, copy-writing, content writing, copy and paste, SEO, article writing and so on and so forth.


There are so many jobs in the internet and they are offered full time and part time. There are other freelance writing jobs online such as article writing where an article is passed to an online account and reviewed, if the article is accepted the writer is paid a certain amount and the more articles you write the more will be your income.


If you want to become an online article writer, the first thing that you should do is to prepare original articles as your test article that will serve the articles to be passed on to websites looking for article writers. These test articles will be scrutinized and reviewed and rated, the reviewers will look for grammar, sentence construction, subject verb and predicate relationships, use of period and commas and more. For example, check out these freelance writing jobs that require skilled writers and English majors.


One of the most important thing that the proof readers are looking at is the subject of plagiarism. Article freelance writer jobs may be able to look at other articles about a topic but they are not allowed to copy them or change certain words but the sentence is almost as exact as the published sentence.


Plagiarism can kick you from your job and can be sources of legal issues such that most online sites that accept articles have plagiarism checker software. These software can be downloaded for free from the web or purchased. These checkers will be able to identify sentences that are not original and you will see some red in your results. The results in red are those that have original sentences published online and will not pass through the checker. A website will also pop out and you can view the original article. 


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